So what exactly makes this seemingly standard phone charger so great? Well it all starts with the the extra tough, durable AND flexible braided wrap which allows for all sorts of movement without any breakage. In fact if you want, you can even have a tug-o-war with your mates using the Lifetime of Power!

And what's more annoying than a charging cable that's never long enough? Not with the Lifetime of Power; this 10 foot cable will reach from your pillow to the foot of your bed AND not lose a drop of its fast charging power!

Now if you have an Apple device, have you ever wondered why your non-apple charging cable stops working after a month or two of use? Well that is probably because these cables don't have the special Made for Apple chip that is found in all Original Apple products and selected Made for Apple products (like the Lifetime of Power). So when you purchase the Lifetime of Power you have the satisfaction of knowing that this Made for Apple product will keep working time after time.

Now if none of those factors are good enough for you then how about this... All Lifetime of Power cables come with a standard 12 month Warranty, however, when you Register your Warranty online with us, we will make it even better - should your Lifetime Of Power cable ever stop working, break, snap, get chewed or eaten by your dog, baby or pet shark, then we will replace it absolutely FREE!** Just pay the return postage and we will sort out the rest!

  • High quality tangle-free cable
  • Longer length means increased convenience
  • Fast charge & sync: 2.4 AMP current
  • Available in Double XL (3 metres) for:
    •  Lightning USB (Apple), 
    • Micro USB (Android, PS4, Xbox One)
    • USB-C (Android)
  • Available in the following colours:
    • Black
    • Blue
    • Gold
    • Silver
    • White

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Introducing The Last Phone Charging Cable You Will Ever Need!!

Longer, Better, Faster, Stronger.

For iPhone and Android.

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